Your bike adventure 2024!

Emotions, nature experiences and pushing the limits in idyllic scenery – that's what the Stoneman stands for.



The World Natural Heritage of the Three Peaks, the mystical dark forest of the Ore Mountains, the breathtaking panoramas in the Salzburg Sport World, the fascinating Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Valais and the enchanting forests of the Belgian Ardennes – every Stoneman is unique, the principle always the same: you are your own benchmark on the exclusive circuits.

Whether in one, two or three days – choose your own date within the season and experience a profound biking adventure.



Between the extremes.

The original Stoneman! The home circuit of UCI World Cup winner and Stoneman founder Roland Stauder is a unique challenge. In between the rugged rock formations of the Sesto Dolomites and the Mediterranean valleys of South Tyrol, the route leads along the world-famous Three Peaks mountain range.



The blossom of your life.

Sandwiched between Luxembourg and Germany, natural trails and playful watercourses entwine in the middle of Europe's garden. On 176 km and 3,900 metres of altitude, the Stoneman Arduenna guides you through the most beautiful sides of East Belgium and always invites you to enjoy – scenically as well as culturally.




Feel the magic.

Crossing the border, the German Stoneman winds through the ancient Miriquidi forests and over 9 of the highest peaks in the German and Czech Ore Mountains. Over 162 km and 4,400 metres of altitude, you will experience a breathtaking adventure in a region with a strong competitive sports and mining tradition.




290 kilometres on a road bike through the Czech Eger Graben and over the Ore Mountains ridge: a unique ride!



The 5-star MTB experience in Switzerland.

127 km and 4,700 spectacular metres of altitude between glaciers, countless 4,000-metre peaks and the fascinating mystique of centuries-old mountain villages – only the Stoneman Glaciara offers this.



The mountain calls and the bike grooves.

Lush alpine meadows, rustic mountain huts, glittering mountain lakes and up to the summit crosses of the Salzburger Land. On 123 km you will experience the impressive 360° panoramic view of the Tauern and Dachstein massifs again and again. The crowning glory: the nightlife offer for après-bike.

Ten reasons ...

…why the Stoneman will be your biking experience of the year!

»1« Dreamlike idyllic scenery

As different as the characters of the Stoneman destinations are – they all share the ride through spectacular landscapes. You will also experience a distinct welcoming culture.

»2« Premium Signage

Each Stoneman route is thoroughly signposted and carefully maintained. In addition, you will receive an up-to-date GPS track shortly before your ride. So you are always on the right track and can concentrate fully on biking.

»3« Top lodging partner

From storage to a bike wash – the Stoneman lodging partners along the track have dedicated themselves to the bikers. Your bike accommodation – here you will find everything you want as a biker.

»4« Full Service

Before, during and after your adventure – the Stoneman team is passionate about supporting you throughout your experience. If you have any questions or further concerns, just get in touch.

»5« The trophy by Roland Stauder

The Stoneman trophy stands for your success. It is designed by Roland Stauder himself and is handmade. The medal stone comes from the respective mountain. Go prospecting!

»6« Useful starter packages

The starter packages intensify your experience. In addition to practical aids such as the GPS track and the route map, you also receive other high-quality products. So you are well prepared for your tour.

»7« Personal milestones

Checkpoints with stamps are installed along the Stoneman. They divide the route into sensible stages. With your stamp card you celebrate your success after each stage – and always know where you are.

»8« You are the benchmark

At the Stoneman, your personal experience comes first. Whether in one, two or three days, whether you want to go hard or take a relaxed break – you are the benchmark and set the pace.

»9« Free choice of date

The time for your Stoneman experience is freely chooseable within the season. Before and after, we always allow time for the beautiful landscape and wildlife of the Stoneman home to come to rest.

»10« Nature and community

Think about it and ask yourself the question: What could be better than exploring beautiful landscapes on a bike with your loved ones? You'll find the answer on the Stoneman.